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I was talking to a friend tonight and she was saying she was looking for a unique gift idea for a cousin who is getting married in September. It is a second marriage for both of them and they bought a house together in November so it makes it tougher to come up with a unique idea. I asked a few questions about what they like to do and where the like to go and it gave me a few ideas for framed pictures. They are hikers, love the mountains and have been to Colorado, Utah, Acadia, Washington state and several other places. I showed her a few pictures I had primarily from a Utah/Arizona trip I took in 2017 and what sizes I could offer. She picked 4 for a grouping in several sizes

Do you have an event coming up that you need an unique gift for? Touch base with me. I have over 12,000 images and just may have one that fits your needs. Contact me!

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