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Time to change inventory!!!

Hi all....I have been talking about this forever but since I started traveling again at the beginning of July I have been giving it more consideration!! Time to change inventory...all must go!

The deal on this blow out sale...prints only! Nothing framed/matted! If you see it and you like it, let me know! Everything must go so I can bring in all the new items! I haven't charged shipping in the past but if you want a a size I can deliver with good quality...$10 and shipping! Nothing has been marked as know...because I own the inventory! Want it? $10 + cost of shipping...Get in touch!!!

I have a number of items being delivered to my home now that I am out traveling...when I get home the site will be updated and everything else will disappear! Buy now!! :-)

Oh...and don't use Paypal!!! Contact me directly and we can work something out for what you want! Paypal is set up for the full price....not charging anything at full price right now!

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