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Manhattan vs Brooklyn...from my point of view!

Have you ever been to New York...I went many times in the past with my husband to see a play or a Yankees game (yes, he loved the Red Sox but he was a die hard Yankees fan...don't hold that against me please!) I never really enjoyed it...I enjoyed the plays and the baseball games were okay but I never paid attention to what was around me because I was overwhelmed by the crowds of pushy people and tons of cars/traffic. I went to Brooklyn a few years ago on a photo-walk...I had never been to Brooklyn before and it too is noisy with too many people but I was going with a different purpose this time. I had taken up photography a few years before and I was here now to learn...with a small group of people who loved photography as much if not more than me...and 3 guides who were also there to teach. Three great guides/teachers! I saw the city and what I wanted to photograph in a whole new light.

In the past I enjoyed landscape and animal photography...these are lone types of photography that don't require you be surrounded by a fact that is the point. I am claustrophobic and I get a knot in my stomach just typing it. But on the 5 days in Brooklyn the people did not bother me...I had a purpose and they were just peripheral to my mission! I had never considered street or architectural photography before but I discovered I enjoyed it. We went down to the waterfront, walked to Manhattan, several parks, took a subway to Grand Central Station, the group went to Chinatown and Coney Island as well as a few more places...I could not hip gave out on me and I was in bed all day! It was awesome!

As much as I loved Manhattan and Brooklyn I discovered I could go to New Jersey and in several areas I discovered Manhattan was more beautiful beyond the Hudson River. Still crazy traffic but not New York crazy traffic.

So...I sell a few of the images taken of Manhattan from Jersey City and I wanted to put a little story with it and share a few more pictures. I hope you enjoy!

A building reflecting in a building...

Through the steel girder...

Architectural me!

Blue hour in Brooklyn...

Union Square free hugs guy stopping to tell his story...

Pretzel vendor...

Manhattan skyline from Liberty Park NJ

Pier at Liberty Park and Manhattan skyline from Jersey City NJ

Did you know there was a 9/11 Memorial at Liberty Park in Jersey City? It is called the "Empty Sky" is the official New Jersey September 11 memorial to the state's victims of the September 11 attacks and it is just as intense and solemn as the 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan. If you are interested in seeing it for yourself the address is 1 Audrey Zapp Dr Jersey City NJ......please remember to be respectful!

Part of the Manhattan 9/11 Memorial and Oculus...

Birthday flower in memory...

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