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It's a New's a new Loving Life! Do you feel it?

Hello everyone! It's a new year and I just got back from a 4 night trip to North Carolina with a unexpected side trip to Tennessee and South Carolina. It turned out a lot of things I wanted to see in North Carolina were closed, mostly for renovations so my travel buddy on this trip and I decided to venture to Tennessee later during one of the was pouring part of the day and sprinkling the rest but it did not deter us...we didn't get out of the car much but we did explore. I have been to Nashville and Memphis but never Gatlinburg and that is a crazy busy town with crowds in January that I would expect to see in a beach town during the summer. Our mission for going to TN was to enjoy the Smoky Mountains...we had never done that before either so all a new adventure for both of us! Also during the trip we stopped at Tiger World for a few hours...I love photographing animals as much as I love being in a coastal area. If I can get the settings correct on the camera I can make the fences disappear and that is what I aim for always...doesn't always work for me but you have to try! We went to a parking garage (sounds exciting right?!) to get a day time shot of the Charlotte skyline...wish I had known about the garage when we went into town for dinner the first hadn't started raining yet and I might have been able to get a good sunset shot. Oh well, live and learn! Saturday the rain cleared up early so we went over to the Charlotte Douglas Airport Overlook...a very popular spot! I got a couple shots of planes taking off and landing as well as one landing as it was going across the Charlotte skyline. It is the little things in life that please me. :-) After that we weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves so for sh*ts and giggles we decided to head to South Carolina. We had a destination in mind after using TripAdvisor but alas...though it said it was open from 9-5 it was closed with no explanation. We checked out another spot - Anderson Mill - but it was torn down and someone is in the process of rebuilding the mill...the water wheel was propped up on a bridge...I took pictures anyway. We eventually ended up in Greenville because I wanted to check out the Liberty Bridge and the Falls Park on Reedy. What a great town! We walked around quite a bit of the area and I loved the cute little art shops especially the one with the animals! Sadly, I did not get the names of any of them to share with you but if you go to the park you can't miss them! Restaurants are right in the area also though we decided to venture out of the city to find dinner so we headed north toward North Carolina before stopping...I guess everyone in South Carolina goes out to dinner on Saturday night because each place we stopped at had about a 45 minute wait and several places were closed...who closes on a Saturday night? Not my favorite place but we ended up at Olive Garden and I tried a new menu item...the Zoodle Primavera! Just what I needed...lots of veggies with a light basil cream sauce and some sauteed shrimp. Veggies and protein...just what I needed to get us that last 45 minutes back to Charlotte! Sunday morning I wanted to go to the Billy Graham Library...we had gone Thursday but the sign said it was closed for renovations through January 4th...the morning of the 5th the dates were gone and it still said closed for renovations...the gates were closed. We ended up back at the airport early so we had a little lunch at Tequileria. If you like a little heat with your Mexican meal you will love the Taco Salad...I got it with the shredded pork.

Well, that ends this little adventure. I have another one planned in a few weeks for several nights in DC. I have been there several times before but never to the section I plan to stay. I am very much looking forward to this trip.

I won't be updating this blog daily but I do have a travel blog if you would like to follow my travels. I am currently posting about an I-90 Road Trip I took from September 2018 to December 2018. I'm a little behind with that blog but I will be posting daily until I get caught up. You can read my blog at

Hope to see you on the road!

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Just a few of my favorites from this trip...

Thanks for stopping by...see you soon!

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