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Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there!!!

Hello everyone! I realized earlier today that it had been a very long time since I posted. I started writing on my Travel with KMG Photography blog again but was still forgetting this site. I had taken some time out because I was traveling quite a bit in January through the beginning of March and then of course the quarantine started. I got home from my last trip about a week before things were shutting down. I have a few new images I would like to add to the store and I will hopefully be setting up a section where you can buy just images. I will ship them to you or have my source send them direct to you and you can decide how you would like to frame and/or mat them. I think if this quarantine is going to last or be off/on this would be a better way to handle shipping images. I have an order pending which I can not ship at this point but so far the customer has been pretty understanding. I want to switch the sale items up with some new material and I recently started having my images printed on metal, no frames or matting needed and the business I am using does an amazing job!

For today, I am going to share a few images I have taken since quarantined at my home. I also escaped the house one day to have blood work done and went to Longfellow's Wayside Inn Grist Mill to walk around and get some fresh air. This is a beautiful historical location with a great history and home to many weddings and other family related functions! If you are ever in the Sudbury, MA area you must stop and visit.

So this is just a tiny taste of what I have been up to in quarantine! I am antsy to get back on the road but at the same time willing to stay home as long as necessary so I do not risk my health! I can travel bringing along gloves and masks but it would not be the same. Travel means freedom and I prefer the idea of not having to worry about gloves, masks and sick people.

Take care everyone! Until I get a chance to update my photos and items for sale, please contact me if you see something you like here, on my Travel with KMG Photography site - or my KMG Photography page on Facebook -

Thank you all for visiting any of my sites! I hope you enjoy my travel stories and images!

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