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Home from my most recent trip...opened my at home gallery...sold a lot...thank you kind person!...

It really all must go...not a going out of business sale but a reducing inventory this point, a lot is gone but...I own the originals so...hello! If you want something, come directly to me through a message! It will be a a size I can sell while maintaining quality! Some of the larger ones start looking like watercolors/paintings vs prints...If you are ok with that...let me know! I will be in touch with my website helper soon...I will get the pages updated...much is gone but much is still here!

My new vision is just prints...magnets, note cards, perhaps drink coasters...still looking into a few more options!

Want something? Contact not go through PayPal...I want to sell what is here for $10 + shipping...PayPal won't allow you to do that! Final on all of this will be August 8th...then new is coming in!! I don't usually charge for shipping...but for these prices...framed...that you see on the site and still available ...$10+ shipping! If it is gone framed before you find it...request it...I can get you the print for slightly less! Contact me through the site...not PayPal!

Thank you

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