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Hello all from Baltimore, MD...

Just a short post before I call it a night because thanks to Shamekia I was able to get online!....Shamekia is a lovely young lady here at The Pier 5 Hotel in Baltimore, MD where I stopped after leaving Washington, DC to enjoy a little bit of warmer weather before heading back to MA...though I think there might now be a short stop in CT now too...the idea of a 7.5 hour drive back home is killing me! Nothing in life is possible without the genius that is Shamekia!!! Thank you Shamekia!!

I had a lovely 3 nights in Washington and my private tour guide, Alan from Concierge Tours...AMAZING GUIDE!!...wore me out visiting so many wonderful sights! More of that later because I need to get all of my pictures and notes together but...if you are ever considering a tour of Washington, not do the tour bus, group tour have to go with Alan! He is genius and knows so much you will walk away wondering how you ever made it through school with so little knowledge! Oh...and let's not forget how funny he is! He has a ton of jokes...he thinks they are all funny so just humor him and laugh...he will so appreciate it! Right, Alan!?

I can't end without a couple of pictures but I have none at this took me so long to get online that I ran out of steam! I'll have pictures and more to follow in a day or so. I have missed being on the road...more to follow! Night all...continue to travel with me here and on Travel with KMG Photography! There is always room on the road for everyone! See you out there!

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