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That beautiful full Wolf moon again...

I let the dogs out a little later tonight. Completely forgot that it was the night of the official full moon. Because I didn't catch it as early today no trees in my images but there were clouds tonight and they had several colors in them...kind of like looking at a rainbow. And...tonight for the first time I caught stars with the moon. I am not really good at this moon shoot thing...I have friends that really get into it. They go out into fields where there is no other light source but the moon, they use tripods and some of them have special equipment they use that gives them amazing images. Me...I walk out the front or back door and shoot. I take many shots using different settings and decide what I like and dump the rest. Tonight I took 22 images and dumped all but 9...they are not perfect but there is something about each one that I liked...I am going to share a few. The black & white one is my favorite...I think because I can see the stars so clearly.

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