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Greetings and long time no post!

I can not believe the month of June is almost upon us. It doesn't, though it should, seem like it has been almost 3 months since the request to quarantine started! I am torn about how I feel about everything easing up but I am so ready to be on the road again.

I have been spending most of this time updating my travel blog...Travel with KMG Photography. I took 5 relatively short trips between January 1 and March 7 so once I get 4 more trips included on that travel blog I will have run out of things to blog about...unless I can get out of the house and go somewhere! I'm sure many of you are feeling the same way about getting up and about.

My sister and I did plan a 5 night trip to Maine in early July. We had to push it out that far because Maine has a no out of state guest policy in their hotels through June 30. I don't disagree with them...I would just like to be there!

I hope everyone and their family made it through this pandemic and is still healthy. If sincere condolences. My heart goes out to one wants this to be their legacy!

I still have plans to update my site with some new images once I can get out and about again. I have ordered several new collections from the company that puts my images on metal. Once those are received I will add them for purchase.

I am going to post a few pictures....I don't think I posted them yet.

Be back soon! Stay safe and healthy!

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