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Bored with same old, same old...

I started going through my 2017 image folders recently in order to edit some of them in Lightroom to continue blogging on I pulled this one single folder with a maybe a couple thousand pictures it instead pulled over more than 18,000 pictures from 2016-2020! Once they were pulled into Lightroom the only way to get them out without losing any (I accidentally deleted a bunch thinking because they had been edited and were in folders on my external hard drive I didn't need the ones that were here...I was wrong and those are gone!) was to edit them again...even if just one tiny thing. In doing this I found many I like so much more than a lot of the ones I posted for I feel like I need to clean house and start fresh!

While in this process, I sent a few out from my Colorado trip back in 2017...I had the images printed on metal in larger sizes than I had been able to do before...these are 30x20 and look three dimensional...I was blown away when I saw them.

In addition, I had taken my sister to the Swinging Bridge in Brunswick, ME in February was winter and there was some snow and ice...I had been there in the fall and it was gorgeous but I was curious which of the two seasons I would like here more...I thought winter until I found the fall images when they showed up in Lightroom. Hands down...Fall!

So...looking at over 18,000 images and I find many lovely, many mediocre...and a small handful that I feel will be replacing most of those that are now here for sale...

Here are those I was talking about...only the Colorado images are 30x20.

To the left is Garden of the Gods, below is inside the Red Rock Canyon Open Space and below and to the left is an image of a cloudy sky and the moon taken leaving the Garden of the Gods...with a home below it that I turned into a black and white image.

Then we have the beautiful colors of fall at the Swinging Bridge over the Androscoggin River...

I turned the last one black & white but aren't the colors of fall in Northern New England glorious? If you have never been here in the fall you should visit...the entire New England area is ablaze with color and it is a feast for the eyes...or you can contact me and I will help you put fall in your house year round!

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