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A socially distanced time in Maine...

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

My sister and I, after being in our respective homes for months, decided to take a short vacation in Maine at a lovely Airbnb in Ogunquit. She, being concerned, did a lot of research to find out what the Covid numbers were in Maine and discovered that we, as MA and RI residents, would be welcome in Maine as long as we were tested within 72 hours of arriving, have a negative test and complete a certification that this had all been done. All good and off we went!

For this blog I am going to share some information about the Ogunquit Museum of American Art and our visit to Portland Head Lighthouse. More of our five days in Maine will be shared on my travel blog - I hope you enjoy both blog posts!

My sister and I were planning to visit the Ogunquit Museum of American Art during our stay but did it on day 1 before we headed to Perkins Cove because we were pleased when we saw it was extremely close to our condo. A quick left into the parking lot, a mask in place and a little hand sanitizer before entering and we were good to go! The ladies working here were wonderful! Very friendly, informative and welcoming.

I am going to post pictures from our visit here but I want to post a watercolor print I bought first. This watercolor is called Lucky Rowboats by Roger L Morin, a Maine watercolor artist who creates original art, commissions and prints. If you like this print you must go to his site and check out his beautiful work -

Isn't it beautiful? It's, to me, unusual because of the color of the rowboat...most I have seen, most I have taken pictures of are white, red or this one. This was purchased at KiKi's...a great little store with lots to offer!

The above is from our first full day in Ogunquit...this print I am posting now was purchased our last day in Maine during a stop at the Portland Head Light. We were heading back to the car because it was time to head home...and there was a display of beautiful prints for sale. We stopped to talk to the gentleman and his lovely wife. The gentleman was a lovely man from Scotland who has been living in Maine for quite some time but still has that wonderful Scottish accent, Kris Kristiansen. His wife, Marilyn, is by his side...a very friendly woman...hope he appreciates what he has! :-)

This is the print I bought...The Bluenose. She was a fishing and racing schooner until she was wrecked in a storm. The print has already become dear to my heart...anything related to water is special to me and this print is a spectacular work of art!

If you would like to see more of Kris' work, go to:

If you would like to read more about him and his lovely wife, go to:

Kris & was a pleasure to meet you and chat briefly!

Now I am going to post some of my favorites from our time at the Ogunquit Museum of American Art...

I encourage everyone who is visiting Ogunquit...first of healthy and Covid negative when you go! be sure to visit the museum. Trust will love it inside and out! People are nice, art work is amazing and the views are as well!

Finally...a few of my favorites from the Portland Head Light visit...

And that ends today's blog...I hope you enjoyed my images! I created some blank note cards and magnets that will be posted for sale once they arrive. If you see an image or combination of images that you would like as a print, note card or magnet, please contact me here. Prices on prints will be dependent on size but a box of 10 cards will be $20 and magnets will be $4.50

Thank you to Roger Morin and Kris Kristiansen for the beautiful prints.

Thank you for traveling with me...and stay safe and healthy!

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