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Loving Life with KMG Photography is offering our customers images of the outdoors to enjoy from the comfort of your home or office. I have traveled through 47 of the contiguous states, (I somehow missed North Dakota) over the past 2 years as well as Kauai, Hawaii, the east and west coasts of Canada and Curacao. For this reason our online store has a large offering of quality images and we will be regularly adding more. Just double click on each image for a description of the product, a brief story on some about the image, the dimensions and the frame/mat. Some images have not yet been framed/matted and can be purchased as is or framed/matted to your request.  Not all images can be enlarged to all sizes...quality control!  No image will leave if I think a larger size will appear grainy.   Check it out and start shopping today!  



KMG photography for your home or office

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Karen M. Galasso Photography

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